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This is the story of a brand of glasses that begins, as it could not be otherwise, with glasses. Marcelo’s glasses and Ivan’s glasses.

They had arranged to eat together. It was sunny, so when Ivan went to take off his glasses, he realized that a side piece was broken. What a coincidence and how annoying! Marcelo had had to take care of repairing his glasses a few days ago.

The fact is that they laughed at the coincidence. Marcelo commented on how difficult it was to find glasses that could keep up with his life’s rhythm. Someone’s normal rhythm of life, who practices sports, an active person, who goes in and out of different scenarios each day.

Products should begin to adapt to new times rather than having to be used according to the rules of a manual.

They talked on the concrete need to wear glasses that allow us to live the life we live today.

It offers an incredible resistance to corrosion and mechanic manipulation. From a usage perspective, it guarantees flexibility and resistance against impacts and extreme temperatures. Furthermore, as shown by numerous studies, this material possesses a standard of hygiene that is much higher than plastic materials.

Flextal® is produced at our suppliers in Japan and Sweden, to then be laser-cut and PVD processed in Taiwan.